Friday, December 04, 2009

"Hero's at Zero's" 14"x11" oil

Trying to capture a teenage in paint, from life, is like trying to paint a toddler. They are never still even while watching t.v. But just like sketching with charcoal I find it really rewarding to sketch in oils, although it's hit or miss if the sketch becomes worth saving. Here's another in my blop series.
December 5 from 2-7. If you're near Chicago, come to the Beverly Arts Center for a one day art sale/fundraiser. Karen Phipps and I will be their with paintings as well as painting plein air near or inside the center.


Alex Perez said...

Susan, hi
Thank you for your visit to my Blog and for your coments.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Susan, your gestural strokes convey your intention perfectly - very nice work!

Melinda said...

This is really wonderful! Do more of these wigglers. You know what you're doing, completely.

Best wishes with the art sale!!

Melinda said...
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Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Susan, I love the gesture sketch. I wish I could come to Chicago to see yours and Karen's work. You are both so talented.