Thursday, October 28, 2010

Minimal Palette w/ the Figured

The problem given was - select a blue, a yellow, and a red and then with each different study change your yellow. Minimizing my palette helped me organize my thoughts which were focused on value and temperature. I started with Yellow Ochre Pale, and then tried Cad. Yellow Medium, as well as Gamblin Transparent Earth Yellow.

Ultramarine Blue and Red Oxide 12"x16" value/temperature study from a cast of the Virgin Mary

I'm learning so much from experimenting with different minimal palettes. I can see my shortcoming in values and temperature much more readily so I think I'll continue doing more of these studies.

I'm leaving very chilly Chicago for the warm temps of the Southwest for a couple of weeks. Since it is my practise not to take a computer when off, I won't be blogging until later. Happy Art-making and viewing. Thank you for sharing your comments

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Painting Fall

The change of seasons makes it doubly fun to return to my favorite paint spots. All of a sudden it is something completely new to paint. These three pieces were painted one chilly morning last week. It was so cold I had to pull on my winter paint coat and gloves. The added challenge of this morning was that the sun tried to come out but mostly stayed darkly overcast.
Initially I thought I would do a value study using only Ultramarine Blue and Oxide Red but towards the end of each study and added Yellow Ochre Pale. And instead of using my favored palette knife I used a brush. I toned my canvas on location so that I could pull out my lights without adding white to my palette.
(6"x8" oil $99. each)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Periwinkle Blues"

It's been a few weeks since I've updated my post because I've been in three different group shows in three different states. The intensity of preparing and participating in them has been a great learning experience, very very fun, and I'm happy to report a success on several levels. I've never been comfortable meeting and greeting people at openings but after these shows I feel quite at ease. Now I hope to get caught up on life and back to painting some of our fall colors before the first snow.
"Periwinkle Blues" is a series I started right in my garden. I realized something was eating my blue mystery flowers. So over a few early mornings, I sat with a warm mug of coffee and painted what I think are heather and ???. What attracted me to these scenes was the haziness of the dawn light.
12"x12" and 14"x11" (framed $340. each)