Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Plein Air Oil Studies

Is the light warm or is it cool, paint the form/plains, don't copy keep to your concept, composition, where's the focal point!?!? so much to think about no wonder painting becomes this consuming task that's really done all in your head.
Last week I got several days just to paint from sun up to way past sun down without worry about laundry, my wonderful family, prepping for shows etc. We plein air painted through rain, cold, heat, and even under street lamp. The following is some of the studies.
(I've lost my list of blogs which I follow. Anyone out there know how to get it back?)
"Floyd's" 6"x8"
"Field of Dreams" 8"x10"
"Sunny Spot" 8"x10"
"Riveredge Lilly" 8"x10"
"First Blush" 6"x8"
"Grape Hyacinths" 6"x8"