Sunday, May 30, 2010

figure paintings

oil on linen

oil on linen

This past month I've been having fun creating lots of messes in my studio while preparing for a couple of group shows opening in June. Posted is two examples. I ended the month taking David A. Leffel's workshop at the Palette and Chisel. It was another great experience with this master so my next posting will be examples of his demonstrations.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

yes, more poppies (sold)

More poppies because I'm having fun sloshing lots of thick paint around in my studio. The first is a 8"x8" sort of from my imagination/reference plein air landscapes. The latter is a 24"x24" previous posted but reworked. I think it's stronger now that I simplified the landscape. Also mostly from my imagination. I've never worked this way before and am not sure what promoted me to start. Oddly enough I think it was from painting blue bells earlier this spring as they popped up around my village. I kept the values in mind but changed the color. Also have some sketches in oils and pencil of poppies done years ago in Europe.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Caldwell Lily Pond

"Lily Pond" Oil on Linen 24"x24"
Over the past four years, Caldwell Lily Pond has become one of my most favorite places to paint in Chicago. I find it amazingly beautiful even in winter although difficult to get into during the off season. This painting is made in my studio using a few plein air paintings made at Caldwell for reference. I decided to pull into the scene and make it a close-up and amped up the color intensity.