Wednesday, April 21, 2010

etc. again

So I'm really enjoying my little pochade box. Besides being so handy that it can easily fit into any small bag/purse since it's only 5"x7", it gets me out of the studio faster and allows me to paint more inconspicuously while jotting quick color and value notes in oil. The second photo shows the pochade strapped to my leg instead of hand-held. I came home from work and saw the beautiful shadow crossing my neighbors side door and had to try to catch it.

I'm still obsessed with poppies and thought I'd post a few more of my efforts. The close-up is 8"x8." The last painting, but not the last in my poppy series, is my attempt at inventing a flowing and slightly rolling meadow punctuated with mostly poppies. It's 24"x24," love that square format. If you go to my Etsy site you'll see a few more example of my poppy paintings that I favor. (

Monday, April 12, 2010


8"x8" oil "Poppies"
I've been working on small plein air oil sketches with the idea that maybe I could then takes those sketches and turn them into something in my studio. This is a studio piece, small again but actually inspired from some sketches of bluebells.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Pochade Box

This week it's finally been warm enough that while plein air painting I have not had to wear long johns, feet and hand warms, wool sweaters, and several other layers but, I still need gloves and a heavy coat. Still with the sun shining sometimes, I was motivated to bring out my little poached box made by fellow plein air painter and part-time carpenter, Denny. This sweet little paint box has a strap on the bottom where I can slip my palm into or, if sitting, strap around my leg. So I tried to escape and do quick little 5"x7" studies and try to catch the spring landscape. Here is a sample of a few I did. Karen and I noticed that even on a sunny day the sky is hazy, not bright blue like we had in Arizona. Is that because in Arizona we were painting in high altitudes??? (Denny also makes wet panel carriers. This one is for my 5x7 panels)

Thursday, April 01, 2010


I'm calling today's post "etc" because I thought I'd highlight a few of the things I've been working on these past two weeks. It's still the same as always although I've added card-making to my evening routine. Making cards by cutting the shapes from fabric is ridiculously labor intensive but I find the whole process calming. Either that or it's the red wine I'm sipping while clipping.

This first imagine is from a workshop I'm taking from Romel de la Torrez. I love his very laid back teaching style. We often don't even know when he's arrived. The biggest difference, for me, in his approach is his insistence on large canvas and painting fast. This is 20"x16" which is the smallest he recommends I work. Normally I would bring a 11"x14" so this feels huge. He casually threw out that I should have it all massed in within 20-25 minutes - gulp. But I grabbed the challenge as well as my largest brushes (not palette knives). The 2.5 hours flew and I was happy that I accomplished as much as I did.

Canson's Pastel Paper
vine charcoal and powder
cast study-2.5 hours
This drawing was done with a more "painterly" attitude. I first rubbed in a layer of vine charcoal powder, massed in my darks, and then pulled out lighter values with toilet paper, #4 bristle brush, and lastly for my lightest lights a kneaded eraser.

7"x5" card
message inside

Wishing you all the great things in life
Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks for helping me remember what's important...
And today it's you
Happy Mother's Day
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