Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Fall Chill"

I think I'm getting too old to be painting in cool weather and winter is just around the corner. But I love fall colors and once again was painting along the river edge.
Oil On Linen


Karen said...

Oh my gosh! NO!!! You are not too old to paint outdoors! (remind me that I said this).

Melinda said...

This is quite lovely and is different in your approach from Karen's painting. As I wrote to Karen, so it goes for you--You're brave!

Hope you'll never give up plein air painting. It'll keep you young! And you'll feel so proud of yourself for such strength and resolve. Plus, you'll have great survivor stories to tell the younger relatives.

susan hong-sammons said...

Hey thanks for cheering us on. Painting during the cold months is really gratifying but sometimes, getting me out from my cozy, warm studio is mentally challenging.

Painting with Karen has been great. And Melinda you are quite right in that her approach is different from mine. She thinks in color notes right away while I think in value.