Thursday, October 30, 2008

"If Life Gives You Lemons"

This painting was started as a demonstration piece for my still life class but I liked the concept so I thought I would try to finish with my students the following week. Well this week I set up the still life again but discovered I was too busy helping students to really work on the piece (and they didn't need to see how I finish something). I did a little here and there, mostly working on the transparant bag and picking out areas where I wanted more color in the lemons. I didn't work on the background or tabletop. I'd like to recreate a similar set-up in my studio and paint it to what I feel is a more resolved finish.
Why one photo is warmer and one cooler is a mystery to me. I shoot both outside with overcast natural light. The cooler photo is a picture of the final oil study.

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