Thursday, November 12, 2009

16"x20" oil

Playing around with atypical lighting for me. This still life was mostly in light using lighter fabric. I'm not sure if I'm finished because I'm wondering if I compressed the values particularly in the background and tabletop drop, would it make a stronger statement??? I've been re-reading David Leffel and Gregg Kreutz books as well as looking at Henri Fantin-Latour still lifes. From them, I'm guessing the answer is "yes."


Karen said...

I LOVE this!! Maybe I should look at Fantin-Latour more too. I don't know about the values? To me the the stars of the painting shine, the rest falls back into its place. Do you mean you'd darken the values (like in the back?)?

susan hong-sammons said...

Hey Karen,
I don't mean "darken" but have less variety of values in the back and foreground. But I decided to play with that in another painting. For now, I'm done with this.