Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A fall storm is about to hit. Actually the chill feels like winter is right around the corner. I used only one brush because I was so cold I think I was frozen stiff. Maybe I'm getting to old to plein air paint in the winter.
Oil on Linen


Karen said...

Absolutely not...I predict you will be painting outdoors well into your golden years; the colder, the better.
Great gray day light.

susan hong-sammons said...

"The colder the better!!!" aaaaaah, I'll try to keep up to you

Loriann Signori said...

You two polar bears up there in Chicago amaze me!
Nice light once again.

susan hong-sammons said...

I think I'll be drawing the line when it hits the single numbers. But I am waiting for when it's really cold and the air gets that silvery look.

Deborah Younglao said...

This is great. I feel like I can reach out and pick the leaves off the trees.