Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kari (2.5 hr head study)

Last night I joined a figure class at the Palette and Chisel. Romel de la Torre is the instructor. If you're not familiar with his beautiful paintings go to http://www.romeldelatorre.com/. You will not be sorry you spent a few more minutes on your computer. I like Romel's very laid back approach to teaching. He wanders around and gives everyone a few comments but mostly he just watches our results and doesn't rush us. Most of the people have studied with him before but I'm a new-comer to his group.

I did not think I could even get a block-in finished in +2 hours. Just goes to show what can happen when I focus. But I did fail to nail my block-in more concretely/with conviction. I think had I done so I could have ended with a less "spotty" look and perhaps some decent brush strokes. My brush strokes suck, pardon my language. So I can't wait to get to open studio and work on a more confident block-in and BRUSH STROKES!!!!!!!!

just in case you haven't notice my blatant flashing banners, I started an Etsy store (Etsy is an on-line site selling handmade items only) I recently posted some 5"x7" cards inspired by my love of making quilts. I cut fabric, not paint, to create each shape. I'm also showing some smaller paintings. If you've time and need some cards, please consider mine - Thank you http://www.susanhongsammons.etsy.com/


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Susan!... Love your portrait work... painterly but very introspective and "real"! You have a great "knack" for that!

Thank "You" for visiting my blog site and for becoming a Follower! I will certainly be keeping an eye on your progress!

Good Painting!

PS About the gazillion photos. Use them as an inital reference to get a "map". Then throw them aside and return to your wonderful intuitive brushwork... and use your eye for composition and colour to swagger the very same emotion you obviously feel in those portrait pieces. "You" will be "okay"... Trust "Me"!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

beautiful drawing. very expressive!

SamArtDog said...

Your portraits breathe, Susan.

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Bruce, Thanks for stopping by. I think my favorite subject is the figure studies. And I like your idea about the use of photos, but presently, I'm still at the "throw them aside" stage as I can't get them to work for me. Good thing mother nature is just one door away. Happy Painting and stay warm

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Myra,
Hey there Sam,
So glad you stopped by and took a look. I'm on my first cup for the day ready to paint but I've two labs wanting a stroll. Happy Painting today