Friday, September 18, 2009

A different kind of animal

This morning was my second attempt to paint in a section of Bucktown called six corners. This is the loudest place I've ever tried to paint. I can not express strongly enough just how loud painting at this intersection. I spent half the time with my fingers in my ears because the sirens combined with motor vehicles, subway and general hustle of a day sounds hurt my head. After a second attempt, I realize this animal had me and I didn't care. Time to pack up and find another location to paint. Someday I'll be back but not until I'm better equip to mentally and artistically handle "the animal."

p.s. I called it "the animal" because Karen Phipps best put her finger on the situation. We were discussing what went wrong and what went right and why it was a tough experience. Wisely she said, "Cityscapes are a different animal."

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Karen said...

Ha, you know me, always saying something wise.

I know there's a lot more that could go into this, but in some ways, I like the desolation of it...and how the really specific lines in the posts become really important because they're the only really thin lines in this.