Sunday, September 20, 2009

another animal painting

If the heading doesn't make sense to you, "another animal painting," please read yesterday's blog.

Last night I jumped outside to tackle The Beast, cityscape's once again. Wow, what a totally different feel you get painting in the dark. The dark rather insulates you from the craziness and tones down the city clatter. I wish I had more time to resolve more issues in this piece but mostly I just wanted to blop in some temperature notes. Now I can't wait to get back outside and do more night paintings. (used a book lite to illuminate my canvas and palette.) 12"x9" oil on linen

"Filtered Lights"
Oil on Linen
Here's my shameless plug for the art competition which opens on Wed. It's quite unique in that it is a peoples choice award only art competition. So please, go to the website (under search type my name or title of my painting) or openings and look for my painting. I'll be in Grand Rapids, MI this coming weekend to do the meet and greet thing.
This painting was created in my studio and is the direct result from numerous plein air paintings of my neighborhood's sugar maples. I used a bakers spatula and palette knife.


Double "D" said...

Remember the old Rock & Roll song titled "You talk to much" Well I'm changing the title ... " You post to much, you worry me to death, you post to much you even worry my pets and so on.

I'm just having a hard time keeping up with all your beautiful paintings. Love your work Susan.

Gary said...

I can't wait to see your final submissions! Thanks for the link to the competition, and I'd like to see some other of your works!

susan hong-sammons said...

Hello Gary,
Thanks for stopping by. You can see more "finished" paintings at my website

Are you an artist?

Janelle Goodwin said...

What a prolific artist you are! Painting in the dark is something I must try for my Magic Hours class. A book light seems to do the trick? And your filtered light painting is gorgeous. I bet it looks even more impressive when you see the real thing because of it's height!