Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Avalon Freeze"

"Avalon Freeze" is a 6x8, oil study on linen, mounted on 8ply archival museum board. ($145. framed)
I tore myself away from the beach and missed out on a yummy pancake breakfast with family and friends to paint this little landmark. I find the raw urban-ness of the utility poles a real must to the quaintness of the custard stand. My number one challenge was painting on a bright but overcast day because it lacked the drama of contrasty shadows and lights which I normally would rather paint.
My second challenge was painting in a high traffic area. I had lots of people stop by to chat. It did slow my painting process but I got over my self-consciousness. And I didn't even mind when an excited person knocked my easel over. It was all part of the plein air painting experience.


Melinda said...

I had come by here this morning and admired this beauty, but had to run an errand. This painting is beautiful.

You've got me thinking Diebenkorn AND Wayne Thiebaud.

I hope you had a good meal afterward, preferably paid for by the "accidental" tourist. ;)

susan hong-sammons said...

Oh I love that, the accidental tourist. And you're so right about Diebenkorn and Thiebaud. I didn't see that until I read your comment!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Beautiful piece and great story Susan! I want to someday be brave enough to not let all the distractions, distract me.