Saturday, December 06, 2008

portrait study-"John (the Baptist)

(the whitish flecks on the surface of this painting are shards of glass. A lamp broke next to my painting. Once the painting dries, and if it's something I want to save vs. scrape away, the flecks of glass should wipe away clean. A tip for plein air painters in case you should ever have wind blow gravel etc. onto your finished painting.)
This young man posed for a group of us this morning. I need more time, as usual, to finish this portrait study particularly in the highlights.

Oil on Linen

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Karen said...

With your near-death painting experiences lately (a target in the woods, exploding lamps!) you are still making beautiful work! Maybe you should wear goggles in the studio.
I would be thrilled to get to the point you're at here, never mind finishing it!