Monday, December 01, 2008

"Northland Woods"

I spent Thanksgiving week in the very north of Wisconsin. This area holds special childhood memories. This past weekend the serenity of painting in total isolation of these gorgeous woods was curtailed for me because it was opening deer hunting season. I had my gear on for the cold but didn't think about wearing a bright orange vest and hat to avoid being shot. Since I was worried about poachers, I painted very small quick studies. I concentrated on understanding the values. Today I'll try to paint something larger in my studio from these oil paintings.
Oil On Linen


Karen said...

It's interesting (and instructive!) that you said you concentrated on the values, because your colors here are amazing. Maybe they're allowed to work so well because the values are nailed first?

You can borrow that neon orange hat of mine next time you go into the woods.

Loriann Signori said...

Beautiful! What feeling!

Melinda said...

This is very nice. You've captured the atmosphere and the values and colors are strong.

I never thought about plein air painting as being dangerous. Is this why the pochade company is named Guerrilla Painter Pochades?

Hope you'll remember the bright orange gear next time!

susan hong-sammons said...

I think searching for the value is a great assist in finding accurate color since "value" is the whiteness or grayness of a color. I find it's my tangible to grab.

Melinda, In a way I feel it is a bit dangerous to plein air paint because you tend to be alone.

Happy Painting everyone!!!

Loriann Signori said...

You're right about the "you tend to be alone when you plein air paint." That is the joy and the "curse" if I must say. It's as if you always have to have an edge of alertness (especially deep in the woods). That fights against the idea that you are totally involved in your painting. I have never heard of someone getting hurt statistics are for us:-) Still, wear the orange hat.