Saturday, June 30, 2012

Venice, Croatia, Sedona

"Cactus At First Light"

I love to travel and this year I am fortunate to do more than usual. I have recently returned from an intense trip through Venice, Croatia, the Dolomites and a day in Austria. I have my plein air kit down to a convenient size and weight, (using linen mounted on gatorboard has greatly reduced the weight.) Because of Jill Carver's excellent advice, I focus on hunting/gathering information en plein air in order to allow mother nature to be my teacher.
(these paintings are oil, painted on linen, 9"x12")


black bear cabin said...

wow...and i was excited about my trip to south dakota :) sounds like a great adventure! sadly, i brought my art supplies, but they were never utilized...too busy seeing sites and a five year old wants to keep moving. i did take a lot of photos though so i have some great reference materials. have fun! said...

Wow Susan! What a wonderful time painting you must have had! I'm busy holed up here getting my teaching up and running. I haven't posted anything for some time (mostly painting studies and practice) but I HAVE started a plein air group here with some very enthusiastic members! (see Such fun!

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Lisa, I am going to have to put SD on my list of places to see and paint. I grew up in Minnesota near the North Dakota border but never made it to the places you visited in SD. Looks so great!

Hi Priscilla,
I'm traveling through MI in a couple of weeks and hope to swing by if I can schedule it to land there on a Saturday so that I can paint with your group. It would be so great to paint with you again!

roth phallyka said...

It would be so great to paint with you again!


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