Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lost momentum

I started and worked on this painting for two evenings prior to a house full of Christmas guest and never got back to it until tonight. When I began the painting, I felt it was going in the right direction but having left it alone for so long I feel like I've lost the original idea. I can't see what I originally had in my head anymore. So I'm going to turn it towards the wall for a month or more and hopefully, once I look at it with a fresh eye, I'll be able to finish it. But if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate the input.
(I prefer to paint on a linen canvas which I already painted on but never finished. In the first few images you can see the remains of a figure oil sketch.)


Janelle Goodwin said...

I can relate to the "lost momentum" feeling from the holidays. When painting, I try to work continuously to keep the focus and flow going. Your painting looks finished to me, but then you, as the artist, might feel differently. Another jewel!

Steve Baker said...

I can't say what you were thinking, but what I see is the solidity of the egg playing against the "arabesque" jumble of leaves and fruit. I get that from the start adn at each stage, how separate the egg is. Maybe a touch darker on the background and a sharper edge on the light side of the egg would play that up??? Of course I may be completely off base. I enjoy the blog. Nice work.

Karen said...

I would differentiate the egg from its cup more...to me they feel too similar in value and color, so the complete.
And don't paint over it yet!! :)

susan hong-sammons said...

Dear Janelle, Steve, and Karen,
Thank you very much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I still have not looked at it although I agree it needs more work. I feel like it or I need to let things stew a bit. But now I have three fresh approaches. Thanks!

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