Monday, January 25, 2010

"From the Sideboard" 10"x20" Oil on Linen

Been playing around with this still life in my studio. I wanted to do something on an exaggerated horizontal format. Still thinking value and temperature but I'm going to have to stop as those poor onions have started to rot and smell. (added the tarnished pot and onion skins to emphasis the horizontal)
Blog problem
I lost my favorite blog links somehow. One moment I thought I was adding a new link and the next moment, "poof" everything was gone. I really think I'm lacking that computer gene. So once again I will have to build up my links.


nancy elstad said...

I love the pewter container in this painting. I can't seem to find the right containers.
Thanks for viewing my heron. and your comments. He was fun to paint.

Karen said...

I have an exaggerated vertical one going right now...and these types of exaggerated formats are so hard I think! They just feel weird.
I like how it develops from left to emerges and grows in color and light.

Brad said...

I like how you snuck in some purple onion color reflections in the pot.

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Nancy, Thanks for stopping by. Searching for the perfect containers-shapes and colors and textures, is such a fun treasure hunt. Good luck on yours.

Hey Karen, I aggree that the horizontal feels weird. I find it more voyeuristic, like it is a slice or window to peer through at what ever is the subject.

Thanks Brad. Trying to play pick out the bits of reflection in the tarnished silver.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Susan, Beautiful work! I love your step by step pohotos! Very educational! Looking forward to visiting your blog more in the future!